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Support Kill the Plumber on Steam Greenlight!

2015-07-26 11:48:32 by keybol

Hey guys! We have uploaded our game Kill the Plumber on Steam Greenlight. Please support us. We have new content for the game like new plumber powers, new world and new enemies and bosses. We'll also include local multiplayer and level editor in the future.

Thank you!


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2015-07-26 12:13:22


keybol responds:

haha is there a secret meaning to that?


2015-07-26 14:12:30

You're that guy that made the awesome games! Good luck wtih greenlight! :D

keybol responds:

yeah! I think so. Thank You!!!


2015-07-26 16:52:02

Not really. I just like to spam JJ. I have done that for some years now.