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Bigger Kill the Plumber coming to Steam

2015-12-20 11:01:15 by keybol

Bigger special edition for Steam is coming this January 1, 2016. It has twice the content with exciting new improvements.


- Completely new gameplay experience
- Over 140 levels in snow, island, underwater, dungeons and castle
- New achievements room
- Full controller support
- Integrated Steam achievements
- Recorded speedruns
- Multiple ways of beating the levels
- 30 playable enemies
- Dare to collect all Steam Trading Cards


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2015-12-20 17:38:18

Wow, nice! Can't wait! :D

keybol responds:

thank you


2015-12-21 23:53:34

Awesome! Still a Flash game?

(Updated ) keybol responds:

Oh hey DSun I'm a fan of your Armed with Wings, played them all on flash. This one is compiled to Air version.


2015-12-22 15:32:15

Is there a price set for this yet? If it's in the $3-5 range I'll pick it up on release!

keybol responds:

Yes $4.99 but discounted 20% on launch date. So get it on January 1 for $3.99


2015-12-22 19:01:50

If you do this, you are probably gonna fall to the hands of Nintendo. You could always change the characters though.

keybol responds:

yes we have changed the characters


2015-12-26 06:51:11

Awesome! Can't wait till release :)