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Posted by keybol - July 12th, 2017

After 3 long years, do you still remember? Play it here! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/696327


Posted by keybol - August 16th, 2016

Hey there, it's been a while since I made a somewhat bigger game. I released Kill the Plumber 8 months ago on Steam and App Store with redesigned graphics and a lot more content. We are very happy with that game and now I am developing another one.

Tower Fortress is an action platformer game where you must climb a tower. The tower shuffles its level design for anyone who dares to enter it, pitting them to various enemies and monsters. Fortunately an upgrade capsule is available for the player to use once they reach the end of each section.

The game will be available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices and will probably be available by end of 2016 or early 2017 as a paid game.

I will showcase an exclusive playable demo (which I have been doing crunch time for the past weeks) can be played at Asia All New Stars booth in Tokyo Game Show this September 2016 and hopefully a release version will be available to play at G-Star in South Korea come November 2016.

The game is heavily inspired by many games, classic ones and indie hits today. Most obvious is its Downwell nod. Other indie game influences are Nuclear Throne and Binding of Isaac. It also pays homage to classic games like Sonic, Metroid, Contra and Megaman.

Here is quick run on what it's about.

- 4 environments of the tower (Workers Den, Wizards Lab, Builders Gate and The Guard House)
- Randomized levels in each playthrough
- 16 different enemies
- 9 gun upgrades
- 25 character upgrades to choose from at end of each section.
- Permanent death to raise the stakes for the players.
- Boss fights
- Stunning pixel art graphics and animations by Dungeon Souls creator Mike Studios!
- Audio provided by Zach Striefel who worked on popular indie games like Epic Boss Fighter and Kill the Plumber.

There is a little background story in the game which is about Sara, the village alchemist / weapons forger and the ominous tower that sprouted one day in their town. On top of the tower emits a green smoke which made the town sick including Sara's parents who are the most affected since they live near the tower. Sara must reach the top of the tower and destroy the emitter.
You play as Sara who can double jump and spin to attack her enemies. She can also shoot different guns using her arm buster. She also has the ability to wall slide and wall jump making the climb in the tower easier and dynamic.
The player can unlock chests randomly placed in the tower to change their weapons.


Each weapon has different benefits and weaknesses. Flamethrower lets you peak around with its enhanced lighting and can pass through walls but has limited reach. Lasers are very powerful but takes time to reload. There is also the T-Gun which helps you clear the enemies coming from above.
At the end of every level you will be asked to choose one of the 3 upgrade capsules which also serves as the exit point to the next level. It is designed that way so as not to break the immersion as you climb the tower.
Enemies behave differently and the player must figure out when and how they will appear and predict their movement and tricky attack patterns. The game pushes you to master every aspect of the game and adapt your play depending on the upgrades you were dealt.

There are traps and baits everywhere to keep players on their toes.

Enemies also have weak spots and dangerous spots so watch out where you hit them with your spin jump. Some can only be damaged with your guns.
Here are more enemies in the game. Can you guess their behaviors and weak spots?

Each environment also has different mechanics. Wizards Lab enables the player to transport to the other side of the screen. The Builders Lab auto scrolls up which makes the pace faster.
I will post here weekly for updates on the game. So far I have develop 3 of the environments and creating the level templates and its randomizers.
For now, here are some more screenshots!

Please follow me.
Twitter: @keybol
Facebook: fb.com/keybolgames

Thanks a lot for checking this post!

Posted by keybol - January 1st, 2016

We have released a new bigger and better Kill the Plumber on Steam. Only $3.99 for the first week of launch date (20% SALE until January 8, 2016 only!)





Posted by keybol - December 20th, 2015

Bigger special edition for Steam is coming this January 1, 2016. It has twice the content with exciting new improvements.



- Completely new gameplay experience
- Over 140 levels in snow, island, underwater, dungeons and castle
- New achievements room
- Full controller support
- Integrated Steam achievements
- Recorded speedruns
- Multiple ways of beating the levels
- 30 playable enemies
- Dare to collect all Steam Trading Cards

Posted by keybol - July 26th, 2015

Hey guys! We have uploaded our game Kill the Plumber on Steam Greenlight. Please support us. We have new content for the game like new plumber powers, new world and new enemies and bosses. We'll also include local multiplayer and level editor in the future.


Thank you!

Posted by keybol - July 22nd, 2015

Hey guys, you may remember me from games like Kill the Plumber, Pretentious Game, Belial series, Splitman, Johnny Why are You Late and too many to mention actually.

Well, I'd like to ask you a favor.

Please vote for our 72 hour game jam entry Spiky Wall of Doom. It's GameJolt's Indies versus Gamers Game Jam in coordination with Pewdiepie, Markiplier and JackSepticEye. It will really help us indie developers to get your vote on this.

Kill the Plumber's artist Izzy Aminov and I worked on this game. Please vote! http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiesvsgamers/games/spiky-wall-of-doom/80835

Thank you!!!

Posted by keybol - May 3rd, 2015

Boxing match meets endless runner! Just like on PayPerView except it's free!



Posted by keybol - February 9th, 2015

I made the hardest most frustrating impossible endless runner! Play this and try to get a score of at least 1 if you dare! Yes ONE! Try to get the secret medals! Oh play as that familiar blue robot or Tankman or the Newgrounds Tank!



Posted by keybol - November 28th, 2013

Hey guys, I'm really excited to announce the release of Pretentious Game on iOS and Android next week!
You can download the Press Kit here or read it below.

A lovely journey with Pretentious Game on smartphones and tablets

of Pretentious Game on the App Store and Google Play. The game is a charming platformer full of poetry. First chapter will be available for free and the rest of the game at $0.99 via in-app purchase.

Clever, intriguing, touching, Pretentious Game surprises by the depth of its narrative. Powerful story about love, the title explores the sense of loss and (re)discovery of the other. Between each platform and each riddles, many levels of understanding are possible. Pretentious game features many satisfying aspects that should delight the fans of indie games. The game is already awarded or nominated for a lot of prizes, including the Director’s Choice Award at the San Francisco's Casual Connect. Pretentious Game is also nominated at the Independant Game Festival (IGF) 2014 and now awaits you.

Let the words and your feelings guide you. Read between the lines to progress through the story in this enigmatic platformer enhanced by the enchanting music of Erik Satie.

The pursuit of happiness starts now!

- A tale about love, transcendence and pursuit of happiness
- A powerful narrative through clever puzzles
- Innovative gameplay at each level that suits the story
- A journey driven by the enchanting music of Erik Satie

- Director’s Choice Award at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
- Best Story nominee at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
- Independent Games Festival Nominee 2014

© 2013 Keybol Games / BulkyPix

Posted by keybol - August 26th, 2013

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've post and I try to post only something big in my life. Like porting over Pretentious Game on mobile! Experience more chapters, more levels and more sadness!

Meanwhile, please like our facebook page and get in touch with the latest development.

Pretentious Game mobile!